Make a game in 10 DAYS Challenge

Anyone can start making games in 10 days if they are provided with the right information. If you think you are ready for the challenge then join the Facebook group and become a part of the great community.

10 day Itinerary

Day-1: Installing Unity and Visual studio code. We will also learn to go around the Unity editor and do some basic stuff.

Day-2: Complete the roll a ball tutorial from the Unity website and make your own roll a ball game in Unity.

Day-3: Coming up with your own ideas and discussing them with the group.

Day-4: Making and importing assets required for your game.

Day-5: Coding the basic game mechanics and displaying your progress to the group.

Day-6: Polish and finish your core game by fixing errors.

Day-7: Making a menu system.

Day-8: Play-testing your game and making sure the game is good for publishing.

Day-9: Making the graphics required for publishing your game in Recording gameplay video and taking screenshots.

Day-10: Publishing your gaming and sharing it with everyone.

Drop me a line if you want anything
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