The Idea

I was always fascinated by the word “Entrepreneur” , it  gave me a feeling of being myself. Then I decide i ll become an Entrepreneur one day, but as you know deciding is an easy task but following the path to success is a difficult one.

After deciding ,i had no idea what business i was going to start. So i graduated and joined a job as an electrical engineer. Exposure to the management world after college gave me  lot of ideas to start a business,but i haven’t started one yet as i was always hit by an obstacle and i gave up every time.

Idea Number 1:

When i joined my present company i saw that every company in the world uses lots of A4 sheets and people selling A4 sheets make a lot of money. So i started doing some research about buying and selling papers and turned out that it was a pretty simple business to do.

As in all business this one also had competitors but the number of competitors were huge and the only way to survive was to offer something different.Now what ll you offer different in an A4 sheet. It all adds up to one conclusion that i ve to offer it at a cheaper price. Since paper mills were directly selling paper to the companies the only way to offer paper at a cheaper price was to set up a paper mill. Since i was fresh out of college and had no money ,setting up a paper mill was no where near to reality.

Idea Number 2:

I got a little lazy after dropping my first idea. I started looking for passive income methods. If you go to google and search passive income some of the top results will be Survey ,Movie reviews,Game reviews,product review,app development,blogging.

As i always loved playing games so i decided i ll go with game review and i started to check out game reviews posted at different sites. When i tried to write an review about a game i figured that trying to write a review about the game you play actually takes the joy out of the game. You try to focus on the good and bad part of the game rather than playing the game itself.

Idea Number 3: 

This idea was a little different , i was planning to start a solar power plant. This idea  didn’t just pop into my head,i thought about this when the Indian government announced subsidy for solar power plants and banks were ready to give loans.

As usual some research on that field gave a result that i require 7 crore INR to start a power plant with a capacity of 1MW. Now this is not a job i can do alone so i started searching for partners. I had a few friends how were ready but 7 crore was a huge money ,so we decide to get loan from a bank. We were all setup to go to the bank but at that time another point which we missed during our research popped in. Who were we going to sell the power to?

Getting a power purchase agreement from the government was the most difficult job. When we don’t have a purchaser for our power there is no point spending money to building a power plant.

Idea Number 4:

This time i Googled “best business to start” and i  ended up with SEO. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is  a business anybody can start and once mastered can lead to a exponential growth. But the word “once Mastered” is very important as it is very difficult to master.

This is the first idea i actually spent some money and made a website. I didn’t register the business as i wanted to know whether i can do it or not. I spent a lot of time doing courses about SEO but when i stepped into the actual business line getting someone to actually trust you to do SEO for them was very difficult .

I tried for months with no success at all (I didn’t actually try that hard). but i also figured SEO is a boring job to do.


At the end i decide i should do something that is fun to work on and can be developed into a great business. Two things that i love were to play games and to eat. I thought designing games will be easier than cooking , so my final idea is to start a GAME STUDIO and ITs CALLED VIONIX STUDIO.


Vionix logo1






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