Increase App Downloads using SALES FUNNEL!

Developed your app and waiting for people to download?Here is how you can increase your downloads with a marketing sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a step by step procedure to convert your target audience into loyal customers. Before you jump into the sales funnel you must define your target audience by doing a proper research. So , How do you find your target audience. Best place to find them is social media website. Find groups and posts related to your product. Look for problems your target audience are facing and how your product can solve them.

Your sales funnel must be built based on the peoples problems and must give them a solution to solve it. Without a value proposition no one will accept your offer. For example, people developing games can use a sales funnel to sell there games. They can also collect emails and send them follow up mails while using click funnels. So clickfunnels is a good solution than a website which acts just like a info page.Here is an infographics containing the details of what a sales funnel should include.

Sales Funnel

Increase download with sales funnel [INFOGRAPHICS]

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Do things that are required for getting you noticed in the community.

  1. Post on social media.
  2. Sending emails.
  3. Sharing with press and Youtubers.
  4. Using App store optimization.


This phase is where you attract early adopters with a value proposition.

  1. Give a free copy to a Youtuber or a blogger.
  2. Announce a sale for a week at reduced cost.
  3. Engaging Game tutorial videos/How to videos on Youtube.


Help people to decide why your app/game is worth downloading

  1. Share your good reviews on social media.
  2. Share web mention about your APP/Game.
  3. Tell people how your APP/Game is better than the competitor.


Most people at this phase would have decide to download/buy your APP

  1. Make it easy for them to get the download link.
  2. Make the payment process smooth.
  3. Send a thank you message.
  4. Asking them to rate and share.

Making your funnel will require you to have an landing page and a few more pages where your potential customers can navigate to get your product.

All these things will require you to have an hosting space,a website, an auto responder software. ClickFunnels give you all these at one place. They also have many video tutorials to guide you on the process of making funnels.

Advantages of using clickfunnels

  1. Build sales funnel in minutes with available templates.
  2. Get the best converting funnels and marketing tools for free.
  3. You can have multiple domain. No need to have separate website for separate products.
  4. Get free secrets of building the best funnels that doubles your sales.

ClickFunnels Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Products and Services Online! Without having to hire or rely on a tech team!

You can signup for their 14 days free trial here.

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