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UI is one of the most important feature that makes the player experience better. Its often said that UI is only noticed if its bad. Check out our post on basics of UI design to avoid common mistakes. Unity UI assets are really a boon for any game developer. You can just import them from the asset store and have a great looking UI right out of the box.

Unity asset store has thousands of UI assets. It is very confusing to select the right one. Our team has made a list of top five UI assets in unity asset store.

1.4200 Common Buttons Pack

This is an ultimate collection of buttons. This asset include both PNG files and Photoshop files. Most of the icons and buttons included are of candy crush art style. You can edit the Photoshop files to use the buttons for other art styles.

The vector icons included are of little different style from rest of the icons. Buttons are available in round,rectangle and square shapes.

Unity’s inbuilt customization options can also be used to change the style of the icon a bit. This icon pack is for people considering to make casual games or games for children.

2. Curved UI – VR Ready Solution

UI for VR games must be designed in a different way. Some times getting it right can be difficult. Curved UI gives an easy way to make elegant UI for VR games.

Interacting with menu in VR games can be difficult .Curved UI adds a 3D effect to the UI screen that gives a spacious menu with easy interaction. Curved UI also supports text mesh Pro to make the writings more customizable.

Some users have reported that it breaks the hierarchy while installing. So,its recommended to install it first.

3. Procedural UI Image

If you like to customize your game UI to your liking then this tool is really handy. It allows you to adjust the shape,border,edge shapes. It’s so simple that it works with any other sprites you drop in, and its very easy to setup and work with.

Procedural UI Image makes everything modular, and easily animate-able and very light on the GPU. This tool is only suited to make flat UI. You can add a little 3D effect with the shadow option,but it doesn’t give that 3D icon look.

4. UI Particle System

This assets is for people who are obsessed with unity particle system. Adding particle effect to unity menu can be difficult. This unity asset store plugin solves that issue and makes it easy to add particle effect to menu.

It’s extremely well put together. Very customizable for those who hate struggling with shaders. This publisher is also very quick to reply to problem and gets your issues sorted out.

5. Speech Bubble Manager

Very useful to make speech bubble in conversation scenes of game. It comes with a set of four types of speech bubbles and more can be created without too much hassle.  Very useful to make speech bubble in conversation scenes of game. It works in both 3D and 2D games.

Comes with dynamic bubble size that adapts with the text size and also supports text mesh pro integration.

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  1. Wasn’t aware about these things.But you explained it neatly and simply.I previously didn’t worked on User Interface.But after reading above information I think it is very important to think as a user while playing a game.Interface really matters a lot while playing a game.


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