Unity offer for Students

Unity offer crafted for students. This promotion ends on 9/23/19. Please note, the deal on these bundles will only be applied if the user has a school related email address.

Use the link below and enter the code based on which bundle you want to buy.


Bundle #1: Snaps Bundle
Regular Price: $194.92
Sale Price: $10
Code: 2019SNAPSBTS
These versatile Snaps packs have a wide variety of props, scenery, and architecture for users to create anything. This bundle contains eight different Art and Prototype packages for only $10.

Bundle #2: Jump Start Pack
Regular Price: $145.00
Sale Price: $49.99
Code: JUMP2019BTS
The Jump Start Pack provides you with the Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature pack for a huge library of assets to use in your project, InControl to make controller mapping easy, and the Amplify Shader Editor.

Bundle #3: Time Saving Pack
Regular Price: $169.99
Sale Price: $49.99
This pack contains three tools to save users time and effort! Included is NG Tools Pro with 23 tools to make workflows easy, Node Canvas to assist in creating advanced AI behaviors and logic, and Easy Save so players can save anytime, anywhere.

Bundle #4: Advanced Tools Pack
Regular Price: $185.00
Sale Price: $49.99
This bundle of advanced tools contains Odin, Doozy UI, and Soda. These key tools enable users to enhance Unity workflow for their teams, offer a better in-game experience through UI system enhancements, and have a better architecture for game development.

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