Unreal VR Training course for total beginners

Gaming in normal screen and in VR is totally different. The experience in VR is more immersive that the normal gaming experience. The same is true for game development. You need to follow some basic principles to be able to make the VR experience good for the player. You can read about them in the VR principles post on Vionixstudio. Unreal and Unity are the most widely used gaming engines for VR development. In this post we will see the best Unreal VR training course.

Unreal VR training course

What will i learn in this course?

1.Understand the basics of VR design

  • Controls and UI
  • Unique VR design challenges like motion sickness
  • How VR hardware is different.
  • What users expect in a VR game.

2. VR mechanisms

  • Object interaction
  • Teleportation with portals
  • Spacial UI
  • Hand controller

3. Optimizing Your VR game

  • Spawning objects with performance control
  • Frame rate optimization
  • Improving VR experience with colors
  • Common VR bugs

About the course and Instructors


The instructors are Ben Tristem and Sam Pattuzzi. Both of them have wide experience in the field of game development. All courses of these authors are well recognized by both Unity and Unreal engine. Ben Tristem has a degree in computing from Imperial College London, and a physics diploma from the Open University.  Sam Pattuzzi studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. Before becoming an instructor, he had years of industry experience working as a freelance software engineer working with startups in a wide range of industries.

Course Content

  • 17 hours of video lectures divided into 3 sections.
  • All lectures give you hands on experience.
  • Sections are organized to understand the basic concepts before proceeding with advanced concepts
  • Downloadable resources and articles.

User review

  1. Just finished this course and it was great. I’m light years beyond where I started. The middle third of the course was a bit of a struggle, but by the last third (making the UI) I was making leaps and bounds. I’d recommend this course to any programmer. My first attempt, I tried to use a newer version of Unreal and got bogged down. My second attempt I used 4.19. Unless you’re very familiar w/ Unreal, I’d recommend using 4.19. I was unaware you can download the debug symbols from the Epic Launcher Library (options dropdown) and burned ~16 hours trying to resolve a null pointer issue. Definitely get the debug symbols.
  2. Best course to learn how VR works in Unreal Engine. Big fan of Lecturer !!
  3. I don’t like that mistakes are made during the video, then he says ‘Oh well, fix it later’ – I would rather the video be accurate to begin with, it makes the presentation feel sloppy.
  4. This is the best Unreal VR training course.

what could have been better

  • A complete start to finish of a VR game could be included.
  • There is a lot more to learn in VR than in this course, but its goos for someone starting their VR journey.
  • The course is still in development mode. Lifetime access is a good feature, so you might want to come back again and check out the course for updated content.

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