Unity 3d game development (how to get started)

Game development has become a lucrative field in the past few years and many people are now taking up game development as a full-time career. If you start searching online for game development you will find that Unity and Unreal are the industry-standard game engines in this market. Unity being the easiest to learn between the two is the most preferred game engine by beginners. In this post, we will see how to get started with Unity 3d game development.

Unity 3d Game development

To begin with, you must be very clear on how you want to proceed with your game development career. You must decide if you want to get a job or you want to go indie. The question may be very easy to answer but there are numerous complications that go with this. The whole learning process needs to be planned accordingly. I will suggest you also read our post on “can you make a living with game development“. I will layout the learning process for both the cases below, you can choose and follow it in the way you want.

Unity 3d game development basics

Some part of the learning process is common for getting a job or going indie. That is learning the game engine. To learn Unity, we have put together a 10-day game development challenge for absolute beginners. I suggest you complete the challenge before proceeding further. Even if you fail in making a game you will learn a lot about the process. Most developers start learning game development for fun. Though the learning curve is steeper compared to other fields game development can be fun if you are passionate about it.

Going indie and getting a job in one of the game development companies are the two most commonly followed paths by game developers who want to make money. Let’s see how you should proceed to make your dream come true.

Becoming an Indie game developer with unity

If you want to become an indie game developers that, is you want to make and publish your own games then it is not enough that you learn game development only. You need to learn the whole aspect of game development as a business. Let’s break them into steps.

  1. Learning Unity- This is the phase where you learn how to make a game with Unity. There are many ways to go about learning Unity. The fastest way is to use the 10-day game development challenge. If you are looking for a more guided course with step-by-step instructions then I suggest you take the “learn to code by making games” course in Udemy.
  2. Make your own game- No matter how much you learn; you need to apply the knowledge to master it. Start making small games and master the process of making games. This can also help you to come across different scenarios where you might be stuck while making games.
  3. Learn the art of game marketing- No matter how good your game is, you cannot run a business if you cannot sell your game. Marketing a game is as important as making it. You can learn the basics of game marketing from here.
  4. Come up with a monetization strategy- Your game needs a monetization strategy if you want o make money. You can either use the freemium model or you can cost upright for your game. how to monetize your game must be very clean from the beginning for the game development process.

Getting a job as a Unity 3D game developer.

Getting a job is a lot different from learning a skill. It is an undeniable fact that you need to learn the skill to get a job but just learning the skill will not guarantee a job. This is also the scenario with game development. Let’s see the steps you need to follow to get a good job as a Unity game developer.

  1. Same as above. Learn Unity.
  2. Get certified by Unity- The best way to get your resumes through is to get certified by a reputed company or teaching website and who can be more qualified than Unity to certify you as a Unity developer. Get Unity certification from here.
  3. Building your Portfolio – When it comes to showcasing your skills to someone else the best way is to show your achievements. In Game development, these achievements are the games you have built.
  4. Start building a few games (at least 3) in different genres to showcase to the interviewer. Also, this experience will give you the confidence to go through the interview.
  5. Apply to as many companies as possible. If you like it, you can also start working on freelance platforms like Fiverr to build your portfolio.


You have made an excellent choice by choosing Unity as your game engine. The only thing that is between you and your first game is the need to take action. You need to keep moving towards your goal of becoming a successful game developer slowly. All details above should be enough for you to succeed as a game developer. All the best in your game development career.

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