Learn Game development

Gamers can feel when developers are passionate about their games. They can smell it like a dog smells fear. Don’t be afraid to hold onto your unique vision: just be aware that it may not turn out exactly how you envisioned.

Scott Rogers
Learn Game development

How to make a game is the most asked question by many new developers. If you are totally new then go to the home page of Vionixstudio where you can find the details need to get started in your game development career.

How to make Your own Game

Game development can be challenging and learning game development in 10 days can be a humongous task. We have broken it down into a small task for every day. At the end of 10 days, you will have a game for yourself.

Make a game in 10 DAYS Challenge

Still not sure if game development is right for you? You are not alone. If you are planning to become a indie game developer then you should know if you can make money out of it. A good plan will save you from being broke.

Can you make a living by developing games?

Getting started with Game development

Online courses have taken over the education industry. Many careers like game development, data scientists are recruiting people who have done online courses. But none the less you should be able to prove your skill.

Best game development courses in Udemy for beginners

First step of learning a skill is selecting the right tool. Unity and Unreal are the most used game engines by new developers. You can choose anyone to get started but, getting to know the features before starting is a plus.

Unity vs Unreal For Beginners

Starting a company is more difficult than making a game. Starting a game development company is like stacking two difficult things on one another. But, with the right knowledge and a little hard word it can be done.

Starting a Game Development Company

Knowing how other people reached the heights you want to reach is a good place to start.

Stories of game developers

Tutorials can be really helpful in learning a new software. We have added codes to help you out.

Unity Tutorials

List of free resources can be useful when making games. You cannot make all your game assets yourself.

Game Development Starter Kit

Making Money and marketing your game

Marketing is considered more important than product development. In my personal experience, if you cannot market a product never think about making money. But this doesn’t have to stop you.

Mobile game marketing- 6 important steps

Sometimes you need to identify the sweet spot for pricing your game otherwise you might end up with very few buyers. You can also adopt the freemium model if your game is designed in that way.

Monetize your game-what is the best way?

The extra effects for your game

The logo is one of the main parameters that determine how many downloads you get for your game. Many people don’t download a game if the logo is not good. But a new developer won’t have enough budget to hire a professional logo designer.

Make your own gaming logo for free without a watermark

The poster acts as the front face for your game on all platforms where you market it. A good poster must tell the players what to expect and why the game will be fun to play. You can make your own game poster in a few simple steps following this tutorial.

How to Create a poster Online for Free

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