How to Hire a Freelance game developer for your game.

Game development technology has been evolving at an increased pace. The result being games with better graphics and stunning gameplay. Not everyone has the skill or creativity to make visually appealing games that are good to play. Ideas are everywhere but a properly implemented one can make your product successful.

Process to hire a Freelance game developer
Process to hire a Freelance game developer

It’s best to hire a professional to make your idea a reality. In this post, we will see how to hire developers for your game.

Questions to ask before hiring

It’s better to go through the gig description before asking the developer your questions. Some developers make clear and detailed gig descriptions which answer most of your questions.

1. What game engine do you use?

Unity and Unreal are the most used game engines in indie game development. It’s better to go with a developer who uses Unity or Unreal as it will be easy to hire a new developer in the future. If you have a game engine in mind, then better go with a developer specialized in that engine. I prefer going with Unity developers as I am more comfortable with Unity than Unreal.

2. Send me Samples of similar games.

Many developers will have experience working on a single genre. It’s better to hire a developer who has worked on games similar to your requirement. For example, if you hire a 2D artist to design a VR game, the result will not be as good as an experienced VR developer.

3. Will Character design and game assets be included in the gig?

Character design and game assets is a big part of game development. Game assets include game environment, menu icons, sounds and effects. It’s better to clarify what the gig offers before placing an order.

4. Will you give source code with delivery?

Source code is required if you want to make changes to your game in the future. Not all developers give source code with the end delivery. Some reduce the price for delivery without source code. It’s better to check it out.

5. Supported platforms

Unity sale

The game development process varies based on the target platform. If you are making a game for mobile devices, you need hire a mobile game designer.

How much does it cost to hire a game developer?

The cost of game development depends on the game. You can hire different freelancers for parts of work for your game rather than a full developer. Like you can hire a separate freelance menu designer and a separate sound designer for your game. Major factors that influence the cost of game development are

  1. Number of Characters to be designed. If you have too many characters then designing them will take time and money.
  2. Environment design.
  3. Number of levels in your game.
  4. How big is the game? Mostly decided by the time required to complete the game.
  5. Does every level require a different design? For example, games like temple run don’t require multiple level design.
  6. Do you have any special requirements?
  7. Sound design and game images.

Here is a rough estimate based on the rates on Fiverr.

Type of gameEstimate
Endless runners like temple Run 3D$500-$1000
2D game like Flappy bird$50-$150
Game like Dota (Better to hire a team)$10000- $30000
Simple FPS with 10 levels and FPS assets$1000-$3000
Simple VR experience (like Underwater experience)$200-$500

Why Fiverr?

The main difference between other Freelance website and Fiverr is, you can shop on Fiverr like any other shopping app rather than post your requirement and wait for freelancers to respond. The main reasons to consider Fiverr are

  • Wider price range to select from.
  • Sellers are well segmented into tiers.
  • Great chat interface to take to the seller before hiring.
  • Quick response from sellers.
  • You will find a freelancer for all your needs.
  • Subscription option with reduced price.
  • Money guarantee if not satisfied (varies based on gig).

See this video where a YouTube channel called badgamedev experimented with 3 Fiverr gigs for $10.

Top Game developers to hire

Burakk from Turkey

  • 4 years of experience.
  • Very affordable.
  • Best for 2D platform and hyper casual games.
  • Completed over 15 assignments with good reviews
  • The average response time is 1 hour.
  • Very good communication skills.

The in-game maker from United States

  • 6 years of experience with a degree in game development.
  • Can develop any type of game from 2D to VR.
  • Best for custom game requirements.
  • Completed over 40 projects.
  • The average response time is 1 hour.
  • Fluent in English.

Fire storm from Bangladesh

  • Top rated seller with more than 300 completed projects.
  • 7 years of experience.
  • The game will be delivered ready to be uploaded to game stores.
  • Exceptional number of repeat buyers.
  • This gig makes your idea into a real game.
  • You can get a game with 10 levels for just $100.

Some developers have templates ready to go for different types of games. They might offer to work at a much lower price than the estimate above. But, it’s better to be clear and precise about your requirements.

You can also outsource game development in part like character design to a separate freelance artist to reduce the cost and get better quality. You need to have some knowledge of game development for that.

If you have any other questions regarding outsourcing feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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