Top freelance game menu designers to hire

Menu in games can be a small part, but if you have a bad menu then you might start loosing players. Why risk all your hard work on a small menu?

Hire the best menu designers with proven track record and make it to compliment your game play.

What to look for when hiring a menu designer?

  • Working style– Most freelance game developers have a signature style. You should find a designer how will suit your game style.
  • Portfolio– Ask for previous work and portfolio and validate them based on their work.
  • What is included and what is not. Some menu designers include only fixed amount of Icons and buttons. its better to discuss it before hand.
  • Check if the service includes the background image/design for your Menu.
  • Compare cost vs service provided.

Why to hire from Fiverr?

  • Affordable cost.
  • More options to choose from.
  • You can talk to multiple designers before placing an order.
  • Money guarantee if you don’t like the work.

TOP Menu Designers to Hire


Reason to choose

  • Designs UI for multiple game genres.
  • You can request for an responsive UI for a multi platform game.
  • Work delivered n multiple file formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, AI, PSD,EPS.
  • Multiple revisions and quick delivery.


  • Packages are limited, you need to order an custom package that suits your need.
  • Less creative


Reason to choose

  • Creative User Interface
  • Designs screens like Main Menu, Loading Screens, Splash Screen, Level Selection and Popup Screen
  • Final delivery in multiple file formats.
  • Leader Board design also available
  • Background and Icons design as required.


  • Works mostly on mobile game menus
  • Costlier than other sellers.

3. Phoeniks

Reason to choose

  • Best for pixel art.
  • Can do background and UI together.
  • Skilled in Pixel art character design.


  • Can do only pixel art.
  • Not best for high graphics games.

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