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Vionixstudio has come up with an App rank checker for app/mobile game developers to check the position of your app for different keywords on Google Play Store in different location. If you have not downloaded the app, get it from the link below.

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How does the APP work?

The app uses Google custom search API to search for the query string you have provided and checks if your app id matches any of the results. If it’s a match, the app returns the position. The app is completely free to use. Google search API provides 100 free queries per day. If you want more queries then you need to setup billing with Google. Google charges $5/1000 keywords.


How to get the API key?

  1. Go to Google custom search page.
  2. Login with your Gmail id.
  3. Click on “get a key” button.
  4. Create a new project.
  5. Copy the API key and paste in the APP.

My App shows within 50 in the Play store but the Rank checker shows the rank >100.

Rank checker searches based on location provided. Your search on Play Store is limited to your location. Please check the location provided in the Rank checker App. The id provided should be in the format “id=ay.sdh.yi”. In case of wrong ID, Rank Checker will not be able to identify your App.

Query Failed after Getting query twice

Google search API returns only 10 searches per query. So, to check a keyword rank up to 100 position requires 10 queries. 5 keywords will require 50 searches hence, you can check your rank only twice a day as Google provides only 100 free searches. Alternatively, you can setup billing with Google to get unlimited searches.

When do the query count reset?

Once exhausted. Google takes 24 hrs. to reset your free quota.

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