How to create fire in Unity with particle system

Particle systems are pretty handy to create effects like fog and fire. In our previous tutorial we saw how to create fog using particle systems. In this tutorial, we will see how to make fire with particle system in Unity

  • Add a particle system to your scene by clicking add>effects>particle system.
  • Now go to the shape parameter and set it to cone.
  • Set the cone radius to 0.1 and angle to 0.
  • Go to the particle system parameter and set duration to 5, start lifetime to 5, start speed to 0.5.
particle system setting in inspector
  • Go the color over lifetime as in the image below.
Color settings for particle system
  • Set the curve of Size over lifetime as shown below
particle size settings

Now your particle system should look like a fire.

To make it more realistic, let add material

  • Create new material in your project window.
  • Set the material shader to particle/unlit.
  • Select Surface type as transparent.
  • Blending mode as multiple and color mode as additive.
  • Add a fire shape image (with transparent background) to base map.
  • Go to particle system>Rendering and assign this material to it.
  • Here is the final result.
Final output burning fire

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