How to create a Fog using particle system in Unity

In the last tutorial, we saw how to add fog to your Unity scene. But in the case of URP, you don’t have a volumetric fog option. We can overcome this using a custom fog made with the particle system.

Create a new material called Fog in the project window.

Set the material properties as shown in the image below. Set the alpha value of the base map to 40.

Fog material settings

Add a particle system to your scene by clicking Add>Effects>Particle System.

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Now go to the inspector window and set the following properties for your particle system

  • Duration to 1000
  • Check looping and Prewarm to true.
  • Start lifetime to at least 30 seconds.
  • Click the down arrow near start speed and select “Random between two constants”.
  • Set the value from 0.1 to 0.2.
  • Check 3D start size and give 5 as the value for all axis.
  • Go to the shape settings.
  • Set the shape as a sphere.
  • Radius based on your fog size. It’s set to 1 in the demo.
particle system settings
  • Go to color over lifetime and set the alpha to 0 at the beginning and end.
  • Create a new point in the center and set alpha to max.
  • This will have a transparent effect.
  • That’s it, you’re for is ready for deployment.

Play around the settings to customize it more.

Fog output

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