How much does Unity game engine cost?

Unity Game Engine is Free to Use until you start making tons of money. You will need a personal license to use it. You can get the license by downloading Unity and signing up on Unity website.

Let’s try to understand when you need to pay for a Unity license.

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Understanding Unity licenses.

Unity engine has three major licenses you can use

  1. Personal- Full powered Unity Engine free to use.
  2. Unity Plus- Full powered Unity Engine with customization and diagnostic features. ($399/yr)
  3. Unity Pro- Full powered Unity Engine with tons of additional features like Unity learn, technical support, success advisor, professional training. ($1800/yr)

You need to buy Unity plus or Unity Pro if your annual revenue crosses $100000. If your revenue is greater than $200k annually then you need to buy Unity Pro.

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Which license should I use?

If you are just getting started it’s best to go with a Unity personal license. You can upgrade to Unity Plus or Unity Pro at a later stage when you think you can make revenue out of it or you have some customization requirement.

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