Randomize animation in Unity

You have multiple animation for a single state and want to play the animations randomly? Want to start an animation from a random frame? Want random animation speed? You are in the right place. In this Tutorial we are going to see how to randomize all aspects of animation. I am Using Unity 2021.1.13 along … Read more

Using PlayerPrefs in Unity

Saving and loading data are a continuous process in any program. But when you have to terminate the program and reload it, then you need to save the data to disk or web to retrieve it later. In game development you need to save data like how many levels were completed, player current level, pause … Read more

Make a Gameobject invisible in Unity

Gameobjects are the core elements of any Unity game. You can add or remove component from gameobjects to change its behavior. You can make it move in any way you like by adding a script or you can make it invisible by changing the renderer properties. In this tutorial, we will see how to make … Read more

How to make enemy AI in Unity

AI in any context can be fascinating. When it comes to game development AI can be more interesting and challenging. There are many scenarios where you can use AI in game development. Making the enemy follow player is the most used AI functionality in games. In this tutorial, we will see how to bake a … Read more

How to make cutscenes in Unity

Cutscenes tell a player what to expect in the next stage of the game or help them understand the storyline. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate the scene without a cutscene. Its better to have a cutscene rather than writing some text on the screen. Cutscenes are cool but creating them was never easy. After … Read more