Can you make a living by developing games?

It is a dream for many people to develop games and make a living of it. But how feasible is that idea and whether it can be made into reality, still remains a question. In this post we will see what options are available to make that dream a reality.

First thing to know here is game development is no longer a difficult task. What used to be a complicated job reserved exclusively for developers, designers and computer lovers has become almost a routine today.

Young people are no longer wasting time playing games for hours, but creating them massively. Mostly the ones for mobile phones. However, it is not only about creativity and entertainment, but also about the possibility of making a serious profit. Technology for creating programs and games has advanced a lot in the last 10 years. Kids from the third grade can easily make simple games, mostly for mobile phones. Some of the easy-to-use game programs are “Game Maker”, or a little more complicated and more equipped “Unity”.

The video game industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Suffice it to mention that it makes more money than the music and film industries together. Many people have the idea that making video games is just a hobby and fun, but on the contrary, it is a very serious work, and it can be a well-paying job too.

The tools needed to engage in video game making are not difficult to obtain, and most are free. Of course, depending on the direction you want to go depends on what tools you need to learn. The writer needs a pen and paper to start, as well as someone who thinks of being a concept artist, while someone who is thinking of programming needs a computer and one of the programming languages. You can know more on how to make a game.

When it comes to professionals working on video game projects, they are diverse given that video game development is a very complex business and has several stages of development. In the pre-production phase, a concept and design is being done with game designers, with participation of writers and concept artists. After pre-production comes the development stage and after designing, developing and testing your game, it is time to offer it to the market.

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Make a living by making games-the options

Well there are two major options when it comes to make money by making games. Let see what the option are about.

First one is by joining a company that makes games and the second option is to be a indie developer.

The first option is much easier and almost a guaranteed way to make a living. All that you have to do is select which area you want to work, for example,programming, modelling or be an artist and then master the tools required. Once you know the tools most company will accept you as intern and then you can grow from there.

Being a indie game developer is not that easy, if you don’t know what you are doing you might fail terribly. The min issue with indie developer is not the game making part it’s the selling part. Most developers make beautiful games and fail to sell it. Below are some critical stages in indie game markting.

1. First you need to evaluate the potential share of the game in the specific part of the market you have opted for. In doing so, it’s crucial to research the competition so you know what’s been successful and what’s not successful, which will help you make decisions about the design of your game and predict potential revenue.

2. You need to explore all the distribution options available for the platform for which you are developing the game. Online distributors usually take about 30% of their revenue, and if they receive less, this entails less market penetration. Selecting the platform and distribution channel will play a significant role in the overall revenue of the game.

3. Identifying and understanding your target group is crucial. All demographic factors (geography, gender, age, etc.) must be taken into account. The price of the game, or the price of in-game virtual goods, should be determined based on the consumption limit of your target group. Too high or too high a price will directly affect the potential for monetizing your game.

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The conclusion of this post is that if you are just starting out then join a job and gain some experience and then you can start on your own.

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