How to make a game in Unity without coding?

There is a serious misconception that only programmers can make games. That was true long time back, but now with the advancement of technology and game engines, anybody can make a game. Many drag and drop game engines are available but scripting in a game can give you better control over game mechanics. So, how do you make a game in Unity without coding. The answer is visual scripting.

Unity visual scripting?

Visual scripting is an environment which allows you to code graphically with help of graphical elements that represent actual code.

Visual scripting can be fun and easy to understand. One more advantage of visual scripting is you don’t need to know the syntax. Even a person with no knowledge of code can directly get into it. Its great for artist and designers who want to develop games. All that you have to do is to build your logic and connect elements accordingly.

Unity does not have a native visual scripting program unlike unreal engine. Unreal engine has a program called blueprint inbuilt to help non programmers make games. That doesn’t mean you cannot do visual scripting in unity. This is where unity asset store comes into play. They have many unity assets that help you to do visual scripting.

Unity has planned to release its own visual scripting environment along with 2019.2 build. Until its released and used by the community it is not very clear how good its going to be. It might take 3 to 6 months before all the bugs are cleared and a stable release is provided. Following unity store assets are very good for visual scripting in Unity.

Best Visual scripting tools in unity

1. uScript Professional

Compared to all the other tools in unity asset store uscript is the easiest one to learn. You can find yourself using it efficiently within a matter of minutes. Some of the best features are the break debugging , c#script generation and node replacement.

Uscript has a comprehensive user guide with information, examples and tutorials. Uscript will dramatically improve your ability to rapidly prototype, iterate, and bring your ideas to life. U script also has a free version which you can try out to see if it fits your need before buying the professional one.

2. Playmaker

Playmaker is one of the widely used unity asset for visual scripting. They also have an active community that helps you master this tool almost instantly. There is a youtube channel ‘HutongGamesLLC’ with tutorials available . They are quite outdated but yet useful.

Playmaker developers are known for their quick response. So you can expect any of your problems to be resolved in matter of hours. Playmaker does not have a free trail like uscripts so there is no way to try it out.

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3. Adventure Creator

Adventure creator feels more like a game engine than a visual scripting tool. Once you install adventure creator you will see that unity has been taken over by another game engine ,where you make game by adding graphical elements.

You can save games,have dialogues, interactions,navigation and also visual scripting using adventure creator. Though its very good ,its learning curve is little steep or a tool as you feel like learning a new game engine. once you have got the hang of it its really useful for rapid prototyping and game development.

These are the best visual scripting tools available in unity asset store. There are more options available in asset store which you can try out.

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