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We are on the lookout for a full-time developer / programmer to work on our cheeky mobile-forward word game, Gubbins and future Studio Folly titles! Gubbins is set to launch later this year and we plan to support it post release, so we’ll work on updates and slowly transition to a new title in the new year (likely something more PC / Console forward).

This prospective hire will become our primary programmer, taking over our C# codebase, steering the ship and pioneering this realm of this small business. As it’s a small team with a rotating cast of contractors, self motivation, great communication and creative problem solving are key.

Aside from us (Hello we are Darcy and Jess, the studio founders), you (hopefully) will be our very first full-time employee. Folly has predominantly been working with contractors over the years, and we’re excited to take the step to bring on our first full-timer.

The perfect hire is someone who has a passion for making entertaining things and is excited to grow with a small studio, leading and managing our codebase in the process. We need a great technically minded programmer who can collaborate with us to build something special.

We make an effort to employ folks from all walks of life and would love to hear from diverse and underrepresented developers!


  • Implementation and iteration upon core systems fundamental to the game’s operation.
  • Content development and implementation.
  • From code to backend management, complete technical support required to ship and manage games globally.
  • Collaboration with designers, developers and artists to find optimal, interdisciplinary solutions and improvements.
  • Bug fixing, optimisation, device compatibility.


  • We have budgeted $80-100k AUD PA (tax and super inclusive), which can be negotiated depending on experience. We’re also happy to consider a four-day week (and other perks) for the right candidate.
  • Though the position is completely remote for now, we have a significant preference for someone in Victoria, Australia. Studio Folly is largely funded by Vicscreen so it’s only fair, and we will likely get a physical space in early 2024 and would love to have you join us there at your leisure (ideally at least a day a week??).
  • Applications will close September 20th 2023, commencement date negotiable but December at the latest to allow crossover with our current programmer.


  • Experience working with Unity and C# (3ish years minimum should do it) in a professional gamedev environment.
  • Experience managing version control (Git, etc.)
  • Collaborative and communicative. The ability to riff on complex concepts, systems and designs.
  • Self motivated, able to work peacefully and productively in a remote environment.
  • Creative problem solving and initiative. The ability to collaborate with people from a range of professional backgrounds, with a range of different skillsets.


  • 10% of Gubbins proceeds are going to charity. We believe that we can make phenomenal games, make some cool money, and do some good in the process. Let’s make the capitalist hellscape a little better together.
  • Employment is a mutual agreement between two entities. We don’t expect you to go “above and beyond”. Great work is simply one part of a great life.
  • We believe diverse teams make better things, and we are passionate about making games for diverse audiences with a range of game literacy.
  • We’re inspired by rad stuff from outside of the digital games-sphere, and love collaborating with non-games creatives to make stuff with a unique flavour.
  • We value the day-to-day and the moments in between. We will endeavour to make your time with us a positive, memorable experience.


Studio Folly is a videogame design and development studio based in Melbourne, Australia founded in 2019 by us, Jessica Shipard and Darcy Smith. We are working on Gubbins, a game about making words with the help and hindrance of little friends called Gubbins.

We have proudly received investment / funding from the loveliest game developers in Australia, Witch Beam, along with Vicscreen, Screen Australia and a very exciting unannounced partner. We encourage you to contact people who know us and / or have worked with us in the past to verify our competence!

We talk a lot about our studio and Gubbins dev on Tiktok @folly_studio. Also, here’s a trailer for Gubbins. Gubbins is available on iOS in Australia in an early access state right now, international and Android access is available upon request.


Email Jess and Darcy at with the following:

  • CV and any supporting links/attachments for your portfolio or games you’ve worked on etc.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself, what you enjoy about making games and what piqued your interest about Studio Folly / Gubbins.

To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]