Marketing your first Game

Started making your first game? Now its time to start marketing your game. That’s right, started making not finished making. Marketing and game development go hand in hand. Both are critical for a game’s success.

Most beginners in game development ignore marketing completely. This is the major reason why most of them fail. Don’t worry this article will give you step by step procedure to market your game.

Before you get into the marketing steps you must decide whether you are going to self publish or you are going to hire a publisher. Yes even your first game can be taken up by a publisher if you pitch well. We will cover about publishers in a different post.

Here are the marketing steps to follow for self publish your game

1. Make a Facebook page or a website for dev log

You must make this page or blog at the beginning. Dev log will help you keep track of your game development progress. Some of your friends and followers may also be interested in knowing the progress. In the initial stages share the concept and some artwork for people to get interested.

2. Publish prototype gameplay and screenshots

when you start working on your prototype, you should post screenshots and gameplay videos. This will tell about your game mechanics. Prototyping is the best phase to get feedback on game mechanics. More interested people will start following you.

3.Sharing frequently

Once you have finished your prototype ,it is now time to speed up the marketing pace. You need to share something related to your game at-least once in a week. use hashtag like #Feedback Friday,#Screenshot Saturday to share your work. By not sharing frequently you will slowly lose the followers.

4.Thanking for feedback

There will be some feedback that will make the gameplay more interesting or will help your design. Any such feedback received must be complimented. The best way to do it is to implement them in your game and showcase the results. When it comes to feedback you must be careful about which feedback you implement and which ones you ignore.

5.Keywords research

keyword research is a very important aspect of marketing. There are many online tutorials that guide you on keyword research. You need to get the list of keywords with low competition that are related to your game. Once you have the list,prepare a short description,a long description and decide on the title of the game. All the description and title should contain the keyword.This is required to drive search engine traffic to your game page.

6.Selecting the game genre

Most of the developers would have decide on what genre they are going to publish their game at the early stage. But, it is very crucial to look for the competition in that genre. Most game fall into more than one genre. So check for number of game in each genre . Also check for number of games with your keyword in that genre. Decide on the genre with less competition.

7. Poster,logo and featured Image

Logo and featured image are required in all the game publishing sites. When your game is nearing completion ,you must decide on the logo,features image. Take feedback from your friends and followers. Poster is required at the time of launch of game to attract people to download your game.Collect a list of email to whom you can send your game for review. Collect at least 1000 emails.

8. Launch day

On the launch day send email to all your followers and friends. Email should be personalized for each member. Post in Facebook,twitter,Reddit with a story of hard work behind it. Send media kit to people covering stories related to your genre. Send emails to you-tubers to do a review about your game.Submit your game link to all popular seach engine like google,bing etc.

9. Post launch marketing

They say more you market your game the more it sells. Marketing should continue till the life of the game. After launch you must check with marketing strategy is working and which is not.For example if no body is seeing your post in Facebook,then you must find the reason,correct it and re-post. Post a game play video acting as a tutorial for your game. Ask you friends to like and share your game.

10.Free version of your paid Game

If you have launched a paid game,then launch a free version of it to motivate people to consider buying your game. You can also give your game free of cost. Don’t forget to post in all forums that talk about game offers.


All the best with your first game.