Characters Cards Unity Asset for Free [Limited Time deal]

Exciting news for creators and designers: A-RAVLIK STUDIO is offering a free giveaway of their Character Cards Pack 01, which can be found on the Unity Asset Store. This generous giveaway includes a set of 100 captivating character cards, each meticulously crafted and provided in transparent PNG format. The character cards are sized at a generous 1447×2048 pixels, ensuring high-quality visuals for your projects.

Please follow these simple steps to access Character Cards Pack 01 on the Unity Asset Store:

Step 1: Visit the Unity Asset Store website.

Step 2: Search for “Character Cards Pack 01” in the Asset Store’s search bar.

Step 3: Add Character Cards Pack 01 to your cart.

Step 4: At checkout, enter the coupon code “ARAVLIK” to acquire this fantastic asset pack for free. No other purchase is necessary.

Step 5: Use the package manager to import the asset to your Unity Editor. Now you can start using Character Cards Pack 01 in your creative projects within Unity.

This giveaway presents an excellent opportunity for graphic designers, game developers, illustrators, and creatives of all kinds to enhance their projects with these captivating character cards.

Please note that this offer may have limited availability, so we encourage you to visit the Unity Asset Store and utilize the coupon code “ARAVLIK” to access Character Cards Pack 01. Enjoy the creative possibilities that these characters bring to your Unity projects!

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