EA Sports Released a Trailer for Upcoming WRC Game, Fans Share Mixed Reactions

EA Sports has dropped the highly-anticipated trailer for its upcoming World Rally Championship (WRC) game, set to release on November 3, 2023. The trailer release has sparked a flurry of reactions from fans, offering a glimpse into the expectations and concerns surrounding the game.

In the official trailer, the company announced a pre-order incentive, allowing players to access the game three days early. This marketing strategy generated interest among fans, but it wasn’t the only talking point in the comment section.

Fan Reactions:

Excitement and Optimism:

  1. @johnlequebecois: One of the early comments expressed enthusiasm, stating, “A new Dirt rally based on real WRC stuff is always great news!”
  2. @nathanp1671: A fan expressed high hopes, saying, “Please be as good as DR2.0! Better even. The bar is super high for codemasters on this one. Bring it home guys! Can’t freaking wait!” This fan’s optimism underscores the anticipation for a top-notch rally game.
  3. @joselitoracing500: Some fans are already anticipating specific features, with one commenting, “Let’s gooo, please VR Support and DR2.0 physics or better… We are all hoping for this to be the best rally game ever made.” The desire for VR support and realistic physics highlights the evolving expectations of rally game enthusiasts.

Concerns and Cautious Optimism:

  1. @Ben-Rogue: Concerns about microtransactions and additional paid content were voiced by some fans. One user commented, “Let’s hope EA’s greed doesn’t ruin this franchise too… Microtransactions, paid cosmetics, ‘Rally Passes,’ EA Play exclusive content, and online DRM…” These concerns reflect worries about the game’s monetization model.
  2. @pk_5374: Another fan pointed out the prevalence of “VIP Passes” and battle passes, stating, “End of the Video already shows that you get 5 ‘VIP Passes’ for preordering. Wouldn’t be an EA game if they didn’t try to force seasonal battle passes into a rally game.” This comment highlights concerns about the incorporation of live-service elements into the game.
  3. @metal4ever516: A comment expressed cautious optimism, stating, “Looks like a rally game, with cars. That’s about all I could glean from this.” This perspective reflects the wait-and-see approach of some fans who are cautiously optimistic about the game’s quality.
  4. @fortunamejg: While excited about the game, a fan raised questions about its longevity, stating, “If this isn’t absolute sh*t thanks to EA I might have my faith restored in the company, DR2.0 was fun, so it’ll be interesting to see what it can do with the official license.” The concern here is whether the game will provide lasting appeal.

High Expectations for Authenticity:

Many fans expressed a desire for realism, including authentic engine sounds, true-to-life stages, and a wide variety of classic and modern rally cars. Others mentioned the importance of Virtual Reality (VR) support, hoping to immerse themselves fully in the rally experience.

While fans have diverse opinions about the upcoming WRC game, one thing is clear: the excitement and anticipation surrounding the game’s release are palpable. EA Sports and Codemasters have an opportunity to meet the high expectations of rally game enthusiasts and potentially redefine the genre.

As November 3, 2023, draws closer, fans will continue to closely monitor the development of the game, hoping that it lives up to the legacy of the WRC series and the standards set by Codemasters’ previous rally titles.

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