Brazil-Based Game Studio AQUIRIS Joins Epic Games

Epic Games has announced that AQUIRIS, a game development studio based in Brazil, will be joining the company. The acquisition follows an investment made by Epic Games in AQUIRIS in early 2022.


AQUIRIS is a game development studio based in Brazil. The company was founded in 2007 and has since been recognized for its award-winning titles, including Wonderbox and the Horizon Chase franchise. With headquarters in Porto Alegre, AQUIRIS has been at the forefront of game development in Brazil and Latin America.

The AQUIRIS team will serve as the foundation of Epic Games Brasil, which will be the first Epic studio in Latin America. The talented team of developers, will join Epic Games to create innovative content and social experiences for Fortnite players.

Mauricio Longoni, CEO of AQUIRIS and now studio director of Epic Games Brasil, said, “Joining Epic Games builds on our successes in creating memorable games, including Wonderbox, Horizon Chase 2, and Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, which we will continue to operate. We are delighted to leverage our experience using Unreal Engine on game development to contribute to the future of Fortnite. AQUIRIS has been on the forefront of game development in Brazil and Latin America, and becoming part of Epic Games will spotlight our region’s developers for the entire industry.”

Alain Tascan, Executive Vice President of Game Development at Epic Games, said, “We’ve seen firsthand the impressive talents of the AQUIRIS team in creating innovative games that draw global appeal, and we are excited to welcome them to Epic Games. With the creation of Epic Games Brasil, we look forward to tapping into the immense talent the region has to offer and establishing our presence in Latin America.”

This acquisition is expected to benefit both companies greatly, as AQUIRIS brings its expertise in game development and use of Unreal Engine to the table, while Epic Games offers its vast resources and experience in the gaming industry.

About Epic Games

Epic Games is an American video game and software development corporation that was established in 1991. The company is based in Cary, North Carolina, and has additional locations in the United States and around the world. Epic Games is well-known for developing the Unreal Engine, a widely-used game engine that has been used to create numerous popular video games.

The company has also developed its own video game franchises, including the highly successful Gears of War and Fortnite series. In addition, Epic Games operates its own digital storefront for video games, called the Epic Games Store, which competes with other digital distribution platforms like Steam and GOG. In recent years, Epic Games has made a number of strategic acquisitions and partnerships to expand its reach and influence in the video game industry.

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