Free Furniture Bits Asset Collection for game developers: Grab Now

Game developers and creators looking for high-quality furniture assets have reason to celebrate. A talented developer has released a free asset collection, “Furniture Bits,” on the popular gaming platform, providing a treasure trove of assets for both personal and commercial use.

The Furniture Bits pack, created by an independent developer “Kay Lousberg”, offers more than 50 low-poly, optimized 3D models suitable for a wide range of games, including mobile titles. This collection is a valuable resource for those working on projects involving room decoration, interior design, or life simulation games.

Key Features of the Furniture Bits Asset Pack:

  1. Diverse Asset Selection: The pack includes over 50 3D models, covering various types of furniture, making it versatile and suitable for different game genres.
  2. Optimized for Performance: All assets are low-poly and optimized for performance, ensuring they can be seamlessly integrated into games without causing performance issues, even on mobile devices.
  3. Efficient Texturing: The assets are textured using a single gradient atlas texture (1024×1024) that can be downscaled to 128×128, offering flexibility and further optimization options.
  4. Free to Use: Kay Lousberg has generously released this asset pack under the CC0 License, which means it’s free for both personal and commercial use. No attribution is required, making it even more accessible for game developers.
  5. Wide Compatibility: The included files are available in .OBJ, .FBX, and .GLTF formats, ensuring compatibility with most popular 3D game engines, including Unity, Godot, Unreal Engine, Roblox, and many others. This versatility simplifies the integration process for game developers.

To access the Furniture Bits asset collection and bolster your game development journey with high-quality furniture assets, visit and download the asset.

Kay Lousberg encourages users to consider supporting their work through the purchase of the EXTRA version of the asset pack. The EXTRA version offers bonus content for those looking to enhance their projects further. Additionally, Kay Lousberg runs a Patreon campaign where supporters gain access to asset packs earlier and receive an animated Mystery Character model each month.

For those interested in exploring more free packs by Kay Lousberg, the profile provides a hub for discovering a diverse range of valuable resources to enhance game development projects.

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