Time is running out to submit your game to GDWC

GDWC submission period for the 2022 season is ending on February 28th, 2023. If you have published a game then this might be a good time to submit it. The submission is totally free.

The submission period for the 2022 season runs for a full year, starting on March 7th, 2022 and ending on February 28th, 2023.During this time, submissions for the GDWC 2022 will be accepted, and a variety of events will be held to showcase the participating games and developers.

What is GDWC?

The Global Game Developers Conference (GDWC) is a prominent event in the gaming industry, bringing together game developers, publishers, and industry professionals from around the world. The conference provides a platform for the latest advancements in gaming technology and encourages collaboration and networking among attendees.

During the conference, participants have the opportunity to showcase their latest games, attend workshops and talks given by industry experts, and demo their projects to potential investors, publishers, and media. The conference also features an Awards Show, which honors and recognizes the most innovative and exceptional games and developers of the year.

The GDWC is an important event for anyone in the gaming industry, as it provides an opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, connect with peers, and showcase their work to a global audience. Whether you are a game developer, publisher, or simply a fan of the industry, the GDWC is an event not to be missed.

How to Submit the game to GDWC?

To submit your game to the Global Game Developers Conference (GDWC), you must follow these steps:

  1. Check the eligibility criteria: Before submitting your game, make sure that it meets the eligibility criteria/ category specified by the GDWC. This information is usually available on the conference website or through the submission guidelines.
  2. Prepare your game: Ensure that your game is complete and ready to be shown to the public. You may need to provide a demo or build of your game, along with a trailer, screenshots, and other promotional materials.
  3. Fill out the submission form: You will need to fill out a submission form, which is usually available on the GDWC website. The form will ask for information about your game, including its genre, platforms, and release date. You will also need to provide a brief description of your game and its features.
  4. Submit your game: Once you have completed the submission form, you can submit your game to the GDWC. Make sure that all the required materials, such as your demo, trailer, and promotional materials, are submitted along with your form.
  5. Wait for a response: After you have submitted your game, the GDWC team will review it and let you know if it has been accepted. The review process can take several weeks, so be patient.

What can developers gain by submitting the game to GDWC?

Developers can gain a number of benefits by submitting their games to the Global Game Developers Conference (GDWC):

  1. Exposure: The GDWC provides an excellent platform for developers to showcase their games to a large and diverse audience, including industry professionals, publishers, investors, and media. This can lead to increased visibility and recognition for the game and the developer.
  2. Feedback: The GDWC provides an opportunity for developers to get feedback on their games from industry experts and peers. This can be invaluable for improving the game and making it more appealing to players.
  3. Networking: The GDWC is an excellent opportunity for developers to network with industry professionals and make valuable connections. This can lead to new partnerships, collaborations, and investment opportunities.
  4. Awards recognition: The GDWC Awards Show recognizes and honors the best games and developers of the year. Winning an award at the GDWC can provide significant exposure and recognition for the game and the developer.
  5. Industry insights: The GDWC features workshops and talks by industry experts, providing developers with the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and advancements in gaming technology. This can help developers stay ahead of the curve and improve their skills.

Overall, submitting a game to the GDWC can provide significant benefits for developers, helping them improve their games, reach a wider audience, and make valuable connections in the industry.

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