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Great news for game developers and UI designers! Make It Flow, a versatile Editor Tool and UGUI Events Framework, is now available for free using the exclusive coupon code. This powerful asset enhances project development by providing a wide range of handy events for pointer and system actions within Unity’s user interface (UI) components. Go to the end of the article to know how to get the asset for free.

Make It Flow serves as a valuable tool for creating event-based Canvas compositions, whether for game UI, 2D Canvas games, apps, or any other Canvas-related development. With its intuitive editor window, setup, binding, and configuration become effortless, significantly speeding up the UI development process.

What is Make It Flow?

Make It Flow is an events framework that introduces convenient event handling for Canvas and Graphic objects, offering developers a seamless UI development experience. Acting as an additional layer of abstraction to Unity’s UI system (UGUI), this framework revolutionizes the way events are handled on Canvas objects.

Noteworthy features of Make It Flow include:

  • A visual editor tool that empowers developers to add behaviors to UGUI objects without the need for extensive coding.
  • A comprehensive framework designed specifically for Canvas objects, expediting UI development by equipping Graphic objects with practical events and facilitating easy behavior binding.
  • An API-driven experience that allows developers to dive into the underlying code, providing the flexibility to customize and create new behaviors if required.

What Make It Flow is NOT

It is essential to clarify what Make It Flow is not to manage expectations:

  • Make It Flow is not an all-in-one tool that covers the entire UI development process. It complements existing workflows by adding convenient event handling capabilities.
  • Make It Flow is not intended to replace coding entirely in UI development. It simplifies the process by abstracting events, but coding may still be required for complex functionality.
  • Make It Flow is not primarily an animation tool, although it can enhance animations by incorporating events and behaviors into Canvas compositions.
  • Make It Flow extends beyond simple button events, providing a broad range of events for different UI interactions and system actions.

How to Use Make It Flow

Make It Flow offers a straightforward workflow to harness its capabilities:

  1. Add Behaviors: Begin by adding behaviors to your Canvas objects, empowering them with the desired functionality.
  2. Bind with Triggers: Next, bind these behaviors with triggers, creating connections that define when and how the behaviors are activated.
  3. Tweak the Settings: Fine-tune the settings of your behaviors and triggers to achieve the desired behavior and responsiveness.

Furthermore, Make It Flow allows you to:

  • Combine Behaviors: Combine multiple behaviors to create complex interactions within your UI.
  • Cross Trigger Objects: Define cross-triggering, where one trigger activates another, enabling more intricate behavior sequences.

Additionally, Make It Flow offers expandability through custom Events and Behaviors, allowing developers to tailor the asset to their specific project requirements.

Support and Resources

Make It Flow is compatible with all Canvas render modes, ensuring seamless integration into your projects. To maximize your experience with this asset, comprehensive documentation, a code reference, and sample scenes are provided, offering guidance and inspiration for utilizing Make It Flow’s capabilities effectively.

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