Keyboard with a Display & Mind of its own

We all have seen RGB keyboards, Backlit keyboards with customizable lights. Now Finalmouse has created a Keyboard with a display, CPU and a GPU. The Keyboard is called Centerpiece and can be powers with a USB C type port. Price revealed at the end of the article.

Finalmouse has spent a lot of time on R&D and developed Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack (LDGS) which is the base for this Keyboard. It’s a mechanical keyboard with a gasket isolated glass stack, which offers typing acoustics. The Keyboard has a beautiful CNC engraved and anodized aluminum case. The display can be completely switched off using the brightness knob on the right.

All that said now let’s talk about the main component, the display. The keyboard is one of its kind and is definitely mesmerizing at first look. Its runs customizable skins made with Unreal engine 5 and users can get more of them using their steam app “The Freethinker Portal”. As the keyboards has its own CPU and GPU you can technically run even a game in it and it does not use any resources of the parent device. So, no matter what you run on this keyboard, it will not lag your computer or laptop.

Here is the video from Finalmouse showcasing the keyboard

The video shows the keyboard without keycaps. We are not sure how the keyboard will look like once you put on the keycaps. Also, Finalmouse has said that it will be a keyboard for gamers. So, they will refine it for playing games.

The Price

The Keyboard will be prices at $349 and will be available in the early 2023.

So, what do think about it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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