Last Days Of Future: Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game is now on Kickstarter

The survival game genre has seen a lot of titles over the years, but most of them stick to the same formula – gather resources, craft items, and level up your character. But the developers behind Last Days Of Future are looking to shake things up by introducing a new weapon crafting system that allows players to combine items in unique ways to create their own weapons.

A little backstory

The project began in 2022 with a simple idea – to create a survival game that brings something new to the table while still incorporating the proven standards of the genre. With Last Days Of Future, players will be able to create weapons like they never have before. Imagine combining a broom, some nails, duct tape, and a toaster to create a custom weapon that suits your playstyle. The possibilities are endless, and it’s sure to make for some exciting gameplay with friends.

About the game

Last Days Of Future is set in the year 2765, in a post-apocalyptic world where you wake up as one of the last surviving humans. It’s up to you to explore this world and find out what happened while you were asleep. The game features a range of activities to keep players engaged, from crafting and building to fighting and farming. And with the game still in early alpha, there’s plenty of room for new features to be added.

One of the most impressive aspects of Last Days Of Future is its building system. With three tiers out of five complete, players can build everything from basic branch houses to more advanced structures like hilltop homes. The crafting system is also well underway, with essential items like crafting tables, forges, and cooking pots already available to players.

Exploration and looting are also important elements of Last Days Of Future, with abandoned buildings and unique points of interest to discover. And with the game’s day/night cycle, weather systems, and seasons, players will need to prepare accordingly for different areas.

Of course, developing a game like Last Days Of Future isn’t without its risks and challenges. As a small indie developer, funding is always a concern, and the team is hoping to secure more resources to hire additional developers, 3D modelers, and designers to bring the game to the next level. But with the support of players, Last Days Of Future has the potential to be a standout title in the survival game genre.

If you like the idea, then you can fund the development of the game on Kickstarter.

In conclusion, Last Days Of Future promises to be an exciting and unique take on post-apocalyptic survival games. With its innovative weapon crafting system, detailed building and crafting mechanics, and a range of activities to keep players engaged, this game has a lot of potential. And with the support of players, the team behind Last Days Of Future can continue to build a world that is both fun and immersive.

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