Monokel Seeks Experienced Unity Developer to Build Games

Monokel, a game development studio based in Cologne, Germany, is looking for an experienced Unity developer to join their team. The developer will play a crucial role in the development of the studio’s games by focusing on developing their systems, including a sprawling wildlife ecosystem.

The ideal candidate will be a systems engineer with at least three years of experience making games and deep knowledge of Unity, C# programming, and practices. They should also have experience designing and developing game systems, debugging, game optimization, and performance profiling.

The developer will work in small interdisciplinary sprint-teams, define and own their goals and tasks, build the code architecture of the project and maintain documentation, develop systems using C# and Unity, enable the team to use them, provide technical and creative input for other areas of the game’s development, and collaborate with the team to establish pipelines and tools. They will also identify and fix bugs and issues in the game and participate in code reviews to maintain a clean codebase.

Monokel strongly encourages people from all backgrounds to apply, and they welcome those who don’t necessarily fit all the requirements but are passionate about game development. The studio values open communication, creative freedom, and clear structures for a stable environment, and has a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, sexism, homo- or transphobia, and other hateful mindsets.

The studio’s current project is a metroidvania action-platformer, publicly funded and publisher-backed for the next two and a half years of development. Monokel prefers to hire people they can meet in person, but they are open to considering fully remote positions inside of Germany.

Applicants are required to send a mail with their resume and portfolio. A cover letter is not required, but the studio will read it if applicants feel like writing one. The interview process typically takes four weeks and involves two interviews with different members of the team.

Monokel is a professionally playful game development studio that values people who are kind and curious and love to contribute their ideas and create games in collaboration with others. The studio’s first game, White Shadows, a narrative platformer, was published by Thunderful and won “Best Debut” at the German Computer Game Awards 2022.

The Job was posted on WorkwithIndies and you can apply to this job through them.

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