Victoria State Government announces fund for new game and VFX school

The State Government of Victoria, Australia will provide $3.6 million to establish a specialist digital game and VFX school to ensure Victoria remains at the forefront of screen education as digital games emerge as one of the world’s fastest-growing entertainment sectors, and film and TV productions use more visual effects and animation. TAFEs and other education providers can express their interest in developing and delivering this training.

This is a part of the $5.4 million for skills and training package that will help up-and-coming professionals embark on a successful screen career.

The announcement was made at Docklands Studios Melbourne, which houses NantStudios’ state-of-the-art virtual production facility. The Labor Government contributed $12.5 million to bring the technology to Victoria, and the facility includes two LED volume screens, one of which will be the world’s largest when complete, measuring 12mx88m. The screens will replace old “green screens,” enabling the next generation of blockbusters to be filmed in Victoria.

In addition to this, the package also includes paid training on the set of the iconic Australian TV series, Neighbours. The Neighbours Training Program will provide paid on-the-ground training for emerging Victorian writers, directors, and crew members in roles such as post-production, camera, lighting, and sound. Applications are open for this scheme.

The package also includes workshops to help hundreds of workers outside the sector transfer into the industry. The Set Educated program will help up to 400 aspiring screen workers break into the industry while also showing workers such as accountants, electricians, and designers how they can transfer their skills to the booming screen sector. Sessions will be held in Geelong and Melbourne from May.

According to the announcement, the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that there are more than 16,000 workers in the Victorian screen industry. This package is part of the Government’s $191.5 million VicScreen strategy, which aims to grow Victoria’s screen industry and support jobs and career pathways.

According to Minister for Creative Industries Steve Dimopoulos, this package is about Victoria’s skills for the future and jobs right now. The demand for highly skilled creatives, crews, and technical specialists continues to grow in the screen industry. This initiative will help aspiring professionals call “action” on their new screen career.

VicScreen CEO Caroline Pitcher says that growing Victoria’s pool of talent is key to the continued success of the local screen industry. These programs will build a skilled workforce across all fields, from technical to creative, crew to corporate.

The Labor Government’s investment in Victoria’s screen industry is timely, given that it has grown by over 3,000 full-time equivalent jobs as a direct result of VicScreen’s investment in the past two years. With the global explosion of digital games, film, and TV content, Victoria is positioning itself as a leader in this sector.

Victoria’s screen industry is booming, and the Labor Government’s investment in skills and training will help aspiring professionals embark on a successful screen career. The Government’s initiative will not only create job opportunities for Victorians but will also help position Victoria as a global leader in the screen industry.

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