Now you don’t need to Rebuild for small changes in Unity

It’s really painful to build and run every time you make changes to your code. Also depending on the game size, the time taken to build might be high. But that was the only way to test your game on the target device until now.

Developer Chris Handzlik has released a tool called Live Script Reload which allows you to quickly deploy the changes even when the game is running on the device. Now you can Iterate on your code insanely fast without breaking play session.

The developer had earlier released a fast script reload asset for Unity editor which reduces the script compilation time in the Unity editor.

Currently Live script Reload is available at a discount for the next 10 days. So, if you need it, this might be a good time to grab it.

Support Devices

The asset currently is windows only and support the following build platforms

  1. Standalone Build(.exe)
  2. Android
  3. Quest 2

The asset is tested on the following Unity editor

  • Unity 2019.3
  • Unity 2020.3
  • Unity 2021.3
  • Unity 2022.2

Limitations of the Asset as per the developer

  • Breakpoints in hot-reloaded scripts won’t be hit,¬†sorry! only for the scripts you changed, others will work with how quick it compiles and reloads you may not even need a debugger
  • Generic methods and classes won’t be Hot-Reloaded. Unfortunately, generics will not be Hot-Reloaded, to work around you’d need to move code to non-generic class / method.
  • Creating new public methods. Hot-reload for new methods will only work with private methods (only called by changed code)
  • Adding new fields. As with methods, adding new fields is not supported in play mode. You can however simply create local variable and later quickly refactor that out
  • Extensive use of nested classed / structs. If your code-base contains lots of nested classes – you may see more compilation errors.
  • No IL2CPP support
  • Asset runs based on specific .NET functionality, IL2CPP builds will not be supported. Although as this is development workflow aid you can build your APK with Mono backend (android) and change later.

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