Unity Sci-Fi Sale begins Today[Special Coupon Inside]

Unity Asset Store has announced the launch of Unity Sci-Fi sale. It begins on September 6,2023 and will end on September 21,2023. You can save up to 50% on selected assets. If you are making a Sci-Fi game, then this is the time for you to get the assets.

Unity also has live publisher sale every week and the publisher currently on sale is Omabuarts Studio. This sale ends on September 7. From September 7, 2023 through September 14, 2023, all assets from A-ravlik will be on sale for 50% off and they will be offering their Characters Card Pack 01 asset for free! A-ravlik creates 2D assets for game projects. With 10 years of experience as a 2D artist, the founder of A-ravlik has created a small but capable team of artists.

Apart from this, Unity has a special coupon for everyone who makes a purchase for more than $60. The coupon is only valid for purchases made in September. Use “SEPT10” code to get an additional 10% discount on purchases above $60 on Unity Asset Store.

Unity Asset Recommended by US

1. World Building Bundle

You will be making multiple terrain in your game. And Terrains require more than just a terrain generator. It requires vegetation, river, roads, Villages and sounds. You will have to hire someone to do it or buy more assets.

World Building Bundle is a complete package for terrains and you will not need any other package for terrain generation. It’s a bit pricy but the value is worth it. It is one of the best editor extensions that you can get for your Unity project.

2. Simple IAP System

Freemium games have become the top monetization techniques of this decade. If you are planning to build a freemium game then In-App-Purchases will be a part of it. Simple IAP system makes this simple. You can set up an IAP without much coding.

It’s not very costly and is totally worth it if you building a freemium game.

3. Super Texture Collection

While making 3D games you will often find yourself searching for textures. Having a collection of textures can let you make your own shaders and use the textures on your game objects. Super texture is a collection of 600+ textures of your game. It has 300 hand painted textures included in it.

This collection contains all kinds of materials you might need for your project. Ground, walls, nature, desert, sci-fi, pixel, ice, lava, dirt, bricks, cliffs, lava, water, metals, rocks, terrain, sand, snow, ice, stone, surface, tiles, grass, gravel, organic, flowers, roofs, wood, crystals, patterns, fabric, pavement, terrain.

This package is updated regularly and you will never have to look elsewhere for textures.

4. Casual game SFX:

Games are better with sound effects. Sound effects make a game more engaging and entertaining. But for a new game developer getting sound effects for every situation can be difficult. This package from Unity is a collection of game effects used in casual gaming.

Casual Game Sounds is a collection of original hand-crafted one-shot sound effects. It contains essential audio material covering most events of any casual game, i.e. short blips for bonuses, juicy explosion sounds, tight snappy clicks for tile removal, ticking clocks for depicting the level running out of time etc. The pack also contains UX / UI sounds.

5. Spline mesh

Curved Meshes are part of every game. You might need a curved road, cables, bridges and much more in game development. You can go ahead and hire game developers for this but there is a simple and free solution if you use Unity. It’s called Spline mesh.

It allows you to create curved meshed in Realtime and the best part is all the docs, source code and the asset is available for free. You can buy the paid version if you would like to support the author.

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