Unity Users Can Obtain Herbs Icon Asset for Free with Exclusive Coupon Code

In a generous move to support the Unity community, DRAGONSAN STUDIOS, a renowned publisher of high-quality game assets, is offering Unity users an exclusive opportunity to acquire the “Herbs – Icons” asset pack for free. This limited-time offer allows developers and designers to enhance their projects with a collection of 200 hand-drawn icons related to herbs. Additionally, DRAGONSAN STUDIOS is holding a publisher sale, where users can enjoy a 50% discount on all assets from the same publisher.

The “Herbs – Icons” pack brings together a wide variety of herbal icons, meticulously crafted to enhance the visual appeal of games, applications, and other projects. Each icon has been designed with utmost attention to detail, making them perfect for both 2D and 3D environments. With three versions available, including transparent and black backgrounds, as well as an option without any shadowing or lighting background, developers have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate these icons with other UI elements.

The icons come in PNG format with a resolution of 256×256 pixels, ensuring crisp and vibrant visuals. This high-quality artwork allows developers to create immersive experiences and captivate their audience with stunning visuals.

How to get it for Free

To acquire the “Herbs – Icons” asset pack at no cost, users need to follow a simple process. First, they must add the asset to their cart from the Unity Asset Store. Then, during the checkout process, they can enter the coupon code “DRAGONSAN” to apply the discount, resulting in a final price of $0. This remarkable offer presents an excellent opportunity for developers to enhance their projects with visually appealing icons without any financial investment.

The publisher sale accompanying this offer is an additional reason for Unity users to celebrate. DRAGONSAN STUDIOS is providing a 50% discount on all their assets, making it an ideal time to explore and acquire other high-quality game assets at a significantly reduced price. The publisher’s diverse portfolio encompasses a wide range of assets, including character models, environment assets, sound effects, and more. The discount applies to all assets from DRAGONSAN STUDIOS, allowing developers to save money while acquiring professional-grade resources for their projects.

Unity, one of the leading game development platforms, has always emphasized the importance of community and collaboration. The partnership between Unity and DRAGONSAN STUDIOS exemplifies this commitment by providing developers and designers with the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life. The “Herbs – Icons” pack, in particular, opens up a world of possibilities for game developers, enabling them to create enchanting environments and convey their intended narrative with ease.

By offering the “Herbs – Icons” asset pack for free, DRAGONSAN STUDIOS aims to foster creativity and empower developers with access to high-quality resources. This gesture serves as a testament to the publisher’s dedication to the Unity community and their desire to support aspiring game developers and designers.

The opportunity to obtain the “Herbs – Icons” asset pack for free through the exclusive coupon code “DRAGONSAN” is only available for a limited time. Unity users are encouraged to take advantage of this generous offer and explore the wide array of assets offered by DRAGONSAN STUDIOS at a 50% discount.

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