Unrecord Trailer made with Unreal engine is very Real

French game developer DRAMA is making waves in the gaming industry with their upcoming first-person shooter game, Unrecord. The game’s trailer, which showcases the work of a policeman through his bodycam, has left many gamers and critics amazed by its stunning graphics. The game looks so realistic that many are convinced that it’s actual footage from a bodycam.

Despite the doubts surrounding the trailer, it’s clear that Unrecord has pushed the boundaries of photorealism in gaming. The game’s graphics are so lifelike that they have left gamers and critics stunned, with many describing it as a game-changer. The game’s sound design has also been praised, with the wind outside and the stressed breaths of the detective in combat adding to the overall realism.

The post-processing effects used in Unrecord, such as the blown-out sky at the beginning, the shaky cam, and the vignette, are another impressive aspect of the game’s design. These effects simulate the look of cheap camera footage, which many people are familiar with and associate with actual video footage, adding to the game’s overall authenticity.

The animation work in the game is also commendable, with the hands and gun of the detective looking very realistic. The game’s lighting has also been praised, as it appears to be embracing light instead of hiding behind a darker scheme to conceal graphical issues. This approach makes the game look even more realistic and has left many gamers excited about the future of gaming.

You can watch the trailer here

Unrecord is a game that has raised the bar for photorealistic graphics in game development. While there may be some doubts about the authenticity of the game’s trailer, it’s clear that DRAMA has created a game that looks almost too real. With its impressive sound design, post-processing effects, animation work, and lighting, Unrecord is a game that has left gamers and critics alike amazed and excited for its release. If you want to play the game, you can Wishlist it on steam.

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