Youngest Game developer is just 6 years old

Simar Khurana, aged just 6 years and 335 days, has become the world’s youngest videogame developer as per Guinness World Record. Simar’s passion for mathematics, led her to this extraordinary accomplishment.

While many children her age spend their free time playing videogames, Simar decided she wanted to make them herself. Less than a year ago, she embarked on a coding journey, attending three classes a week to hone her skills.

Simar’s remarkable aptitude for mathematics and coding was first noticed by her father, Paras Khurana. He shared, “Simar learnt math on her own by watching YouTube videos. While in Kindergarten, she was able to do Grade 3 maths. She was making crafts and games with whatever she had, sometimes just out of waste paper. I felt that she would naturally excel at coding as she had an ideal combination of skills. So, I got her to try a demo coding class, which she loved!”

Finding a suitable coding class for Simar proved challenging, as most institutes hesitated to admit someone her age. Game development involves advanced reading and writing skills, and many found it hard to believe that Simar could excel in both areas at her age. After an extensive search, a teacher was finally found, and Simar’s development journey began.

After a few months of classes, Simar decided to create a videogame tailored for kids her age. The idea for her game, “Healthy Food Challenge,” emerged following a visit to the family doctor. The doctor’s advice on maintaining a healthy diet inspired Simar to educate her peers about the importance of nutrition.

“Healthy Food Challenge” is an interactive way for children to learn about healthy and unhealthy food choices, the effects of junk food, and the significance of a balanced diet from a young age.

Creating the game from scratch was no easy feat, but when Simar and her father set their sights on a Guinness World Records title, they realized they had only four months to achieve it, given the age limit.

Paras Khurana remarked, “Simar was determined and willing to work hard. We increased her classes, and she started taking 4 classes a week. At the same time, she was learning dance, gymnastics, and karate, which she wanted to continue as well. Imagine a 6-year-old who goes to school and after that, she has 1-2 classes each day and has to do coding projects which required 1-2 hours of practice each day. It was intense, even for a grown-up!”

Simar’s love for math and coding drives her aspirations to become a game developer when she grows up. In a surprising twist, she has already begun her journey into AI and Machine Learning, valuable knowledge for anyone interested in developing educational games and apps for kids. Simar also maintains a YouTube channel called “Simar’s World” to connect with other kids and share her ideas for more games.

Thrilled with her achievement, Simar has not ruled out the possibility of attempting more records in the future. With this iconic record title under her belt before the age of seven, the world eagerly anticipates what the future holds for this young prodigy.

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