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Making that first game can be really difficult if you don’t know where to start and what path to follow. The first step to making your game is to make a simple playable prototype of it. Once you have the prototype then you will have the motivation to go on to develop a full-fledged game and release it.

Releasing your first game is a very important step. Working experience on a game is the one of the most important key points that today’s employers are looking for. So, making your own game and releasing it is all that matters if you want to build your own studio or want to get hired as a game developer.

You can try and make the game yourself but by the time you discover which game engine to use and how to use it to make your game it will be more than 6 months.

If you have all the time in the world then I encourage you to go on and try it yourself.

We can help you make your first simple game in 10 days.

How it works?

Every step mentioned below will be a 1-hour session that can be scheduled as per your requirement. The session will be one on one through Google meet. The make your own game package will consist of 12 sessions in total. In which 10 sessions will be about making your game and the last 2 sessions will be Q&A.

Step1: Join our Tutor program and get the first session for free. We will install Unity, discuss your game ideas and learn basics of Unity editor.

Step2: We will learn how the basics of C# required for Unity game engine.

Step3: Creating a game plan for your first game.

Step4: Learning about game assets and how to import them to Unity.

Step5: Building your basic game mechanics

Step6: Fixing bugs in your game mechanics

Step7: Making Menu for your game

Step8: Playtest and polish

Step9: Creating marketing graphics for your game.

Step10: Learning how to publish your game

How it is different to other Online courses

Online courses teach you Unity in a general way. But every game requires a different expertise. If you have learnt how to use Unity to make a 2D platformer in a course and then try to make your own game which is an FPS then it’s like starting from total scratch.

We customize the learning based on the game you want to make. That way you will be able to make and publish your own game.

After our discussion in the first free session. You will receive a complete plan to make your game in the next 10 sessions. We will follow the plan and complete your game in the upcoming sessions.

We can teach in English, Hindi and Tamil as of now. We are expanding in other languages too and will be available soon.


Normal price of a Game development expert is $50/hr. and for 12 sessions it will cost you $600.

Value of our course is 12 sessions +1 free session =$650

Actual cost of the Course is just


Which is 71% less than the actual value.

The first session is free and will be on us. if you don’t like it then you can decide to not buy the course. Just give us feedback so we can improve.


Let’s get that first free session going