Not knowing where to start

Understanding the following concepts will help you start 1. Game engine. 2. Game making process. 3. Basic programming concept like OOP.


Not Knowing What to learn

Game development is a vast field and trying to learn everything will take you a decade and there might be a new technology by then

Make a list of things required to make your game and learn them one by one. This way you can also keep track on your progress.


Not knowing where to learn

With so much knowledge on the internet, it's really difficult to know where to learn. The best place to look is the official documentation and related community.


Making and publishing the  game

Many new developers keep learning new things and forget the initial goal of making a game. It's important to finish and publish your first game.


Marketing the game

You need to sell the product that you make. The same is true for game development. Many new developers never learn the marketing side of the business.