You need patience, Resource and Skill for ASO

The main reason many people fail at ASO is that it takes time to work and they quit too early.

ASO requires 3 major Components 1. Keyword Research 2. Good Store listing 3.  Attractive Logo.

Choosing the right keyword is important. For example, people wanting to play a haunted game mostly will be searching for “scary game”, “ghost game”. But if you name your game Unborn its unlikely to show up.

Know What people are searching for and name your game accordingly

Good Store Listing


Good Screenshots and Game play video


Good short description and long description.


Good Title with Keywords


Keyword shouldn't be over stuffed

A Logo should be eye-catching and should increase the click through rate. 

Positive user reviews boost your position. Try to get more reviews from users.

Measure impact and wait at least for 2 weeks before making new changes. 

Lined Circle

Do it Yourself or Hire experts