Complete Doomsday game creation kit with environment, UI, SFX, VFX, characters and vehicles.

Asset Worth $328 at just $20. You can pay more to help for charity. Offer valid for limited time.

Bundle contains tech UI, rusty tech UI, Green tech UI and a large collection of Icons.

Bundle contains large collection of SFX and music pack enough for the whole game.

Environments include towns, industries, wastelands, rural and urban areas.

Contains player character creation kit, zombies, horror characters and more

You won't need any other game asset for your doomsday game. The bundle has it all.

Offer ends on 5th June 2023. You can get these assets DRM free before that.

Donation Distribution $9 to Publishers $1 to JDRF $7 to Humble $3 to Jediannahi

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