How to make my own game?

Come up with a idea for your game. Then learn a game engine like Unity and use it to make your idea into a game.


What qualifications do I need ?

None. But, if you are planning to work for a company, then a basic college degree along with knowledge of one or more game engines will be needed


Difference between Game designer and Game developer

Game designer ideates the game mechanics, art, music, etc. Game developers are people who implement the idea and make it into a playable game.


I want to be a game developer, where do I start?

The best thing is to make a small game yourself using a game engine like Unity. Your first game should be as small and simple as possible.


Which game engine is better to start with?

It doesn't really matter which game engine you use to make a game. Unity and Unreal are the industry standards, so pick one from them.


Is game development a good career?

Yes. The revenue of gaming industry is greater than the movie and music industry combined. There is lot of opportunity for game developers.


Should I go Indie or get a job?

Both have their own merits and demerits. Better not to go indie if you don't have anything to support you financially.


Online courses or a College degree?

If you have planned to get into game development before your college then getting a relevant degree will be helpful. But its not a requirement.


Will anyone play my game?

If you want people to play your game then you must be able to market your game.  You can do it yourself or work with publishers


Can I publish my Game for Free?

Yes, some game websites allow you to publish the game for free. The popular one is Itch.io. Platforms like Google Play, Steam and app store charge a one time fee.