We analyzed 100 jobs listing and found that people who satisfy this criterion are have the highest chance of getting through

Our Analysis

What is a Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of work samples and other relevant information that showcases your skills and experience in game development.

A portfolio can be used to demonstrate your abilities to potential employers, clients, or other industry professionals

Update your portfolio for the job you are applying. If you are applying for a pixel artist position, then your portfolio should include characters, props, environments in pixel art style

If you have shipped games, then include those details too. A shipped game sends a signal that you can complete a project that you started.

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Yellow Star

If you already have industry experience, then you should include a title which was commercial successful and you were a part of the team.

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– Images with similar art style of what the recruiter is looking for. – Testimonials from clients. – Shipped titles

Portfolio for Artist & Animators

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– Shipped titles. – Interactive demos from related games. – Gameplay video showcasing the game mechanics. – Experience related to job listing.

Portfolio for Programmers

Show case any additional skills you have that may be relevant