Pick A game engine

Game engine reduces the effort required to make a game by 90%. Pick you game engine first as this will decide the rest of your learning path. Unity is best of beginners.


Learn C# or C++

Depending on whether you pick Unity or Unreal, you should learn the basics of the programming language. If you select Unity then start learning C#


Improve your Maths

That's right! Math is a very important part of game development. Algebra, trigonometry and Vector math are the most important.


Learn Your game engine

Every game engine is different. You need to dedicate time to learn the engine. There are many free resources that you can use to learn Unity


Get Idea for your game

Games are made based on ideas. If you don't have an idea for your game then you need to brainstorm to get an idea. Read the article below to know how.


Keep your first game simple

Many game developers fail because they don't scope right. You first game should be something like Flappy bird, with one level and a simple game mechanics.


Make a portfolio

Create a portfolio that showcases your skills, education, and experience. Include at least one complete game that you developed.


Attend Game Jams

Game Jams help you learn quicker. They push you to make a game in a limited time frame and is the best place to make a prototype. 


Improve your Network

Join gaming communities, attend game development conferences and events, and connect with other developers to expand your knowledge and opportunities.


Apply for Entry level Jobs

Consider applying for an entry-level job or internship at a game development company. This will provide you with opportunities to deepen your knowledge.