The 2023 Inside Gaming report, conducted by Fandom, examines the generational differences in gaming and provides insights for brands

Fandom Gaming Report is a comprehensive study that examines the gaming industry. Here are the Key findings of the report. 

Engagement with gaming has increased across every demographic, platform, and genre over the past five years.

80% of gamers of all ages are interested in playing games regardless of whether they are already fans of a franchise

Millennials are a key (and untapped) audience in gaming, with 52% of Millennials ranking gaming as their #1 interest.

75% of Fandom gamers eat and drink while gaming, making Food & Beverage a key non-endemic category for gamers

Co-gaming parents are +83% more likely to agree that gaming fosters leadership skills, +77% more likely to agree it teaches important life skills

The study uncovered huge opportunities for brands to more strategically tap into gaming audiences – namely in the CPG and QSR industries

Gaming-adjacent items are extremely important to the game-play experience: Fandom gamers rank high speed internet, peripherals, and gaming accessories as most critical

The top-ranking factors for trying new games are: (1) game quality, followed by (2) storyline & plot, then (3) design and visuals