1. Motivation 2. Game art 3. Marketing

Approximately there are 20 unfinished games for each game published.

Making a game is a slow process and can feel like you’re not making any progress for long periods of time. To feel motivated, finish small tasks like creating animation to see visible progress.

Since most of the solo/Indie game developers are programmers, it’s very difficult for them to create a piece of art.

Hiring Freelancers and purchasing assets from asset store is a good way to deal with this issue.

Marketing is a challenging aspect of indie game development because it requires a significant investment of time, resources, and expertise.

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Indie game developers often have limited budgets and manpower, which can make it difficult to reach a large audience and compete with established game companies.

The gaming industry is highly competitive and crowded, with thousands of games released every year. This makes it difficult for indie games to stand out and get noticed

Working with a publisher can help indie game developers compete with large players.