Starting to make a game without knowing the basics won't teach you anything. You will end up wasting your time.

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If you follow a tutorial to make a game without knowing the basics, it's like copying an essay without knowing the alphabets

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When you want to make your own game, which is a different idea to the tutorial that you followed, you won't even know where to start. 

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It's best to understand the ABCDs of Unity before jumping on to the tutorials to make a complete game.

Unity is a feature rich game engine. if you try to learn everything then you will keep learning for years.

You should learn the Unity interface, Basic Unity classes like transform, colliders. materials, vectors and more.

VionixStudio has created a complete list of Unity tutorials that you should learn to master the basic of Unity.

You will start from Unity installation and learn all the basics by completing small tutorials on every topic.

At the end of the tutorials, you will be ready to make you own game using Unity in both 3D and 2D without the help of any tutorial.

Tutorials are completely free and available in both text and video format.