Unreal Engine can be downloaded for free and comes complete with all features and full access to the source code

But there is a catch when you start generating income. There is a royalty associated with it when you cross a certain limit.

Unreal Engine is totally free for educational purposes and for creating internal projects.

Unreal Engine allows you to distribute various commercial projects without incurring any fees from Epic Games.

A royalty of 5% is only required if you distribute a commercial product that uses Unreal Engine code (such as a game)

The Royalty is only applied if the total revenue generated by the product surpasses $1 million USD.

Unreal considers every title as different. So, if you have two games making $600k then you don’t need to pay royalty to Unreal.

The royalty agreement Changed on May13,2020 and is applicable for both Unreal engine 4 and 5.

After the change in Royalty agreement Unreal is cheaper when compared to Unity game engine.

Learn Unreal and start making games.

Learn Unreal and start making games.