Why you should wait

Even though the gameplay of Jedi Survivor is praised by many reviewers. Most of the players have reported performance issue with the game.

Many reviewers experienced significant performance issues while playing the game, including stuttering and low FPS.

The performance issues are consistent throughout the game, although they are reportedly worse on the first two planets.

Despite the performance issues, the game has some positive aspects, including improvements over its predecessor, "Jedi: Fallen Order."

The game's pacing suffers in the second half, with players frequently returning to the same three planets for multiple chapters.

The game is not recommended in its current state, although some reviewers still found it enjoyable.

Many reviewers with high-end gaming PCs experienced poor performance.

The game's story is solid and entertaining, according to some reviewers.

The combat is smooth and fun, and the various styles work well.

The Game is fun and enjoyable. But just wait till the bugs are fixed to enjoy the story and gameplay.