Logo designing is an art and the modern logo maker software has given the power to all. Anyone can make their own Logo in minutes.

But the creativity displayed on the logo is limited to the person making it. Not everyone can create a master piece.

But with some basic understanding of what makes a logo great, everyone should be able to make a good logo with a decent logo generator.

Let's look at the merits and demerits of using a logo maker vs hiring a professional designer.



Hiring a professional Logo designer can be costly. But there are many free logo maker software that you can use.



Professional Logo designers can build good logo quickly. You need to understand how to use the Logo maker before you can create a decent logo. But a Logo maker can make multiple designs at one time.



The quality of logo created by a professional designer is mostly better than the one created by a logo maker software.



Logo designers can customize your logo with their creative skills. But logo maker software will generate designs based on a template.

Top Logo making Software 1. Fiver logo Generator 2. Canva 3. Crello

Top places to hire logo designers 1. Fiver 2. Freelancer 3. Upwork