With the rapid change in technology, more and more people are shifting to online education to learn any new skill.

Colleges are not able to keep up with this rapid development and most graduates coming out of colleges are already outdated.

A field like game development requires a curriculum update every 2 years. But that's not what colleges are doing. Colleges are focused on providing the base foundation.

So, the question is "Do you require a college education to become a game developer?" The answer in simple words is NO. You can learn game development online and get a job.

You can also get a job as a game developer by finishing a college degree related to game development, like Computer Science.

So, should you join a college or just complete a game development course and apply for a job?

If you have planned to become a game developer before joining a college, then take up a course related to it and build your portfolio.

If you are deciding to make a career change to game development then an online course and a basic portfolio of games is the best way.

Are you thinking, if you are making the right decision by becoming a game developer? Then stop thinking, Game development, is one of the best fields to be in this decade.