Augmented reality is slowly gaining traction with the advancement of handheld devices and catching up in all industries.

The best thing about AR is, it’s not limited to the tech industry. The uses of AR can be found in medical, automobile and many other industries.

What is limiting AR?

Development of AR applications have become easy. But to test an AR app you need an AR capable device.

AR requires the processor to capture the video, process every frame and add the extra information provided by the AR application.

AR dedicated devices have a separate processor for this purpose. This adds on to the cost of the hardware.

In recent years, with the internet giants like Google entering the AR competition and making it available on mobile devices.

The launch of tensor processor which is capable of handling image processing better than regular processors is a big improvement in AR field.

In recent times, AR has been used in games like Pokemon AR which proved how AR can be put in use in the gaming industry and can be successful.

If you are someone who is interested in computers and programming. You should definitely get into AR development.

AR is going to boom in the coming years and will be used everywhere. Create your first AR app using Unity with the free tutorial below.