A sprite is a graphic element or image used in computer graphics and video games that represents a character or object.

In computer graphics, sprites are used to create animations, backgrounds, and other graphical effects.

Sprites are commonly used in 2D video games to represent characters, enemies, items, and other game elements.

Sprites can be static, meaning they remain in one position on the screen, or they can be animated to create movement and visual interest.

A sprite sheet is a collection of sprites that are stored in a single image file. The sprite sheet is then used by the game engine to display the individual sprites as needed.

The size and resolution of a sprite can vary depending on the game and the hardware it is running on.

Sprites can be programmed to interact with other elements in the game world, such as colliding with walls or other sprites.

Some game engines allow for the creation of custom sprites, which can be designed using specialized software or created by hand.

Despite advances in 3D graphics technology, sprites continue to be used in many modern video games. Especially in 2D games.

In the early days of video games, the graphical elements were referred to as "sprites" because they were small, fast-moving objects that appeared to float on top of the background.